VG Karier implementation in Severstal



Severstal is a vertically integrated mining and metallurgical company with major assets in Russia and a small number of operations abroad.
Mining assets of the enterprise:
Olkon (open-pit mining — 5 open-pit mines, underground mining — Olenegorsk underground mine); Karelian pellet (open-pit mining — 2 open-pit mines); Vorkutaugol (open-pit mining "Yunyaginsky", underground mining — 5 mines).

VG Karier has been in operation at OLKON since 2011 and at Vorkutaugol since 2012. The implementation of the dispatching system was carried out as part of a full-scale production project aimed at aggregating, analysing, visualising and automatically transferring information from source systems to a transactional system.


  • Increasing the efficiency of mining operations

  • Implementing operative management of mining operations, integrating production information with SAP


  • Increased efficiency of cargo transportation and excavation

  • Increased efficiency of drilling rigs

  • Reduced specific fuel consumption of open-pit dump trucks

  • Increased technical readiness coefficient (TRC) of equipment

  • Increased level of industrial safety for mining operations

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