ZM Drill implementation in EuroChem company



EuroChem is one of the fastest growing large-scale producers of fertilizer. A vertically integrated business model and access to cheap raw materials and energy resources provide EuroChem with unique competitive advantages in terms of the cost of production.
Solid minerals are extracted at their holdings in Russia and Kazakhstan. ZM Karier and ZM Drill are used at open-pit mining enterprises in order to improve production efficiency. ZM Drill is integrated into the drill planning system, eliminating the need to break up the blocks of rock and improving the quality of drilling and blasting operations.


  • Analysis of productivity and operating time of drilling equipment;
  • Automated plan transfer and drilling rig compliance;
  • Increase of efficiency of drilling and blasting operations.


  • Productivity of drilling rigs is increased by 11-25%;
  • Elimination of drilling rigs downtime. An average of 12 machine hours per week;
  • Reduce of the drilling rigs fleet while providing the same drilling volumes.