ZM Karier implementation in SUEK company



SUEK is the largest coal producer in Russia. SUEK is in the Top 10 of world producers and exporters of coal: No. 1 in Russia and No. 6 in the world in terms of production - 107.8 million tons in 2017.

The Mine Fleet Management System ZM Karier is used at 8 SUEK coal mines in Kuzbass, Khakassia, Buryatia and the Far East. The first ZM Karier system was implemented in 2006, and since then the management processes of the mining and transport complex are constantly being improved.


  • Increase in efficiency of operational management of the enterprise;
  • Increase of reliability and operational control of the mining and transport complex.


  • Reduce of fuel costs by 10%;
  • Increase of productivity by 12.7% in terms of traffic volume and by 19.2% in terms of freight turnover;
  • The specific power consumption of excavators for the cube of rock mass decreased by 30%;
  • Optimization of cargo flows, increasing productive time of equipment;
  • Increase of service term of units and aggregates.