VG Karier implementation in Polymetal company



Polymetal is one of the leaders in the extraction of precious metals, with holdings in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. Polymetal shares are traded on the London and Moscow stock exchanges. The company is included in the FTSE 250 Index and FTSE Gold Mines Index. It has eight active gold and silver deposits. VG Karier is in operation in the company's open-pit mines in Russia and Kazakhstan. The system is constantly being modernised, new control and monitoring modules are being introduced, placing the company at the forefront of mining management.


  • Improve of efficiency of the mine fleet;
  • Improve of quality of mine fleet operational management.


  • The time of effective operation of the entire fleet was increased by 10% due to reduction of downtime (technological and non-technological);
  • The loading control of dump trucks allowed to increase the occupancy of the geometry of the body by 2.2% and to increase the average loading of dump trucks by 7%;
  • Improve of accuracy of stack construction (through the implementation of a loading control system);
  • Reduce of specific fuel consumption by 11.69%;
  • The truck performance was increased by 23%;
  • The volume (t * km) was increased by 15%;
  • Increase of production discipline.
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