VIST Group (part of Zyfra Group)

and implementation
of information technologies
for digital mining, metal
and other enterprises

of succesful
and subsidiaries
VIST Group actively collaborates with the world's leading producers of mining equipment (OEM's) as well as technological and IT companies
Besides that, the company is a partner of many educational institutions, research centers and non-profit organizations in order to develop innovative technologies for the mining industry around the world.

Subsidiary companies

The company VIST Asia was founded in 2017 to localize informational technologies developed by VIST Group in Kazakhstan in accordance with the investment agreements of VIST Group with Kazyna Capital Management, Baiterek.

The company is developing the robotized mining technology for open pits – a unique technology in Russia and CIS to turn all equipment (excavators, dump trucks, loaders, drilling rigs and railway vehicles) into autonomous or teleoperated exploitation mode.