VIST Robotics, a subsidiary of VIST Group, became a partner of Skolkovo Robotics Forum

25 April 2018

Skolkovo Robotics, the largest robotics forum in Russia and Eastern Europe, took place on April 24 in the Technopark "Skolkovo". VIST Robotics presented its new project of robotic cargo truck Kamaz NEO 5490, as well as the workplace of the operator of autonomous transport.

During the event, VIST Robotics demonstrated remote control of the Terex dump truck at the industrial site in the conditions of real mining production. The dump truck is already able to move independently on career, and by means of the workplace of the operator there is an opportunity to operate the movement of such transport even being on other continent.

Kamaz NEO 5490 located in front of the entrance to Skolkovo Technopark was also connected to the operator's workplace. Visitors were able to observe all-round visibility from the cab of the truck in real-time. The first stage of robotization of the car will end before the end of May this year.

Pilot tests are scheduled for mid-may and will be held at the prepared site in the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The second stage of the drone creation will be held at the site in Astana jointly with colleagues from Nazarbayev University.

Skolkovo Robotics forum is a platform for dialogue between representatives of the real sector of the economy, industry professionals, venture investors and startups.